Fun Photos

JD is recovering well after surgery. A kind person picked him up from the side of the road after being hit by a car. Dr. Spilker was able to repair his fractures and he is doing great!

Coleman is a big goofball.VMS loves him!

Blue Boy being a ham during his physical exam with Dr. Holland and Britt.

Summer interns Morgan, Katie, and Jess.

Dr. Spilker and Jen Spilker receiving Business Person of the Year award presented by the Kershaw County Chamber of Commerse 2012-2013.

Lulu all dressed up for Halloween! 

Bad Black Kitty makes the best screen saver.

Dr. Holland and Alex placing an IV Catheter.

America is such a great patient!

Happy 16th birthday Pepe!

Beetle loves visiting VMS!

Dr. Holland, Lyanne, and Nike.

Lloyd giving sweet Mattie a bath.

Fat is one cool cat.

Dr. Spilker as Captain Hook on Halloween.

Gina, Gabrielle, Lyanne, and Dr. Holland all dressed up for Halloween 2015.

Miss Dixie at Halloween!

Dr. Spilker getting scrubbed in for surgery.

Drake is a happy, healthy new puppy!

Bad Black Kitty feeling thankful.

The staff at VMS just loves it when Colonel Cupcake comes to visit.

Ashley giving Grace a great big hug.

Bad Black Kitty up to more mischief!

Veterinary Medicine and Surgery donated pet oxygen masks to our local fire trucks so that pets can receive emergency care, too. 

Gypsy is so cute in her Christmas cast.

Lloyd and Ripley.

Marley is a great patient.

We try not to play favorites here at VMS, but a visit from these two always makes our day!

Bad Black Kitty is wearing his Halloween costume. Can you guess what he is?

Britt with Gomez the Beagle.

Gabrielle and Lilah

Lyanne and Milo

Princess likes to hang out with the technicians in the break area at lunch.

Ripley knows all the best places around the clinic to nap.

Terri, Elianah, and Valentine

Lyanne, Alexis, and Gabrielle shaving some fur for a patient with skin problems.

Beautiful Molly.


Zelda is all prepped for her C-Section! Welcome to the world sweet puppies!

Katie having a chiropractic adjustment with Dr. Spilker and Caleb.


Connor has a new friend boarding with us.

Dr. Holland loves Brady. Brady isn't so sure.

Celebration time with Caleb, Terri, and Leigha!

Susan and Peggy

Trevor and his mom are favorites here at VMS!

Halloween at VMS 2016!

Left to right: Lyanne as a fox, Dr. Spilker as a werewolf, Dr. Holland as a mouse, Terri as a Pink Satin Lady from Grease, Madison as a skunk, Gina as a deer. 

Bad Black Kitty as a disgruntled pirate for Halloween 2016.

Oskar as an Ewok for Halloween 2016.

Kaiser likes helping technician Britt with paperwork.

Beetle giving Caleb lots of kisses. 

Madison and her sweet baby, Scout.

Beautiful Ripley. 

Grey-faced ladies Cerci and Beetle enjoying each other's company. 


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